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Maxtech Corporation is committed to remain at the forefront for the supply of laboratory & field instrumentation and equipment for Analytical, Environmental Monitoring, Agriculture Research, Education and Industrial Materials testing instruments in Pakistan. We are achieving this goal by representing world’s well reputed and top ranked manufacturers in their respective fields.

Our goal has been to provide top quality scientific, analyticaland testing equpment with complete and efficient service support to our customers. in order to achieve our goal, we always keep an eye on the future developments and offer the best product with state of the art technology to our customers.

Treasuring more than 17 years of experience in he quality instrumentation, Maxtech is able to provide extensive and comperhensive after-sales-services in addition to supply of equipment.

After-Sales-Service & Preventive Maintenance
We offer professional services for:-
- Repair
- Maintenance
- Calibration
Our workshop is well equipped and we have qualified, experienced and factory trained engineers.

Our Products Range

Chromatography Instruments and Customized Solutions

Environmental & Pollution Monitoring Instruments (Lab and Online Process)

Materials Testing Instruments for Physical Parameters

Nanotechnology Instruments - Materials Sciences

Cell Biology

Certified Reference Materials - Calibration and Verification Standards

Elemental Analyzers (for Organo-metallic and Metallic Samples)

Stable Isotopes Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS)

Automated Flow Chemistry, Batch Chemistry Reactor Systems

Automatic Weather Monitoring Stations

Electrochemistry Instruments

Our Markets

Addressing classical chemical analysis as well as pharmaceutical quality control and medical research.

Providing scientific insight from the farmers field through to final manufacturing

Delivering insight from upstream reservoir exploration to downsteam chemical

Giving unique insight into a range of forensic questions such as food adulteration,
criminalology and archaeology.

Allowing the understanding and protection of our natural environments
and resources.

Enabling quality control in a range of heavy industries where the purity of
materials are critical.